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Thransoft RSRU. Current version: R3.1

RSRU is a static catalogue and blog website generator written in Perl. It supports templates, categories, pagination, mobile layouts, image & thumbnail generation, RSS feed generation and quite a lot more.

Full documentation is included in docs/, or available here and on GitHub. Visit Well Made Web for a sample of its output.

Licence: GPLv3


Latest: R3.1 [07/05/2022]. Older: R3 [04/04/2022], R2 [27/11/2021], R1 [03/08/2021]


RSRU Howto (R3)

Thransoft Bash CGI functions. Current version: R1.0 allows you to generate JSON and HTML in Bash, then pass the result to a web browser using CGI. The source contains samples for system stats in JSON and a directory listing in HTML.

This was originally written in 2019-2020 but only saw a separate release now.

Downloads: R1.0 [10/09/2021]. Licence: MIT.

Feckback. Current version: R1.0

Feckback is a backup script that makes it easy to backup your home directory and copy that backup off to a network drive. It allows exclusion of needless directories like '.cache/'.

Full description is included in, or available on the web.

Downloads: R1.0 [28/12/2020]. Licence: GPLv3.

Thransoft DOCBOT. Current version: none

DOCBOT is a salty and opinionated Slack bot written in Perl. Invite him to your slack channel at your own peril. Leave your number with a loved one before reading the source code.

The DOC brings absolutely no features that add convenience to your workplace. In the future this may change. But as of now, he is configurable as a Slack RTM App and will connect successfully, then join your conversation.

Downloads: Bleeding Edge!. Licence: MIT.

EVIL ROOM. Current version: 1.0. MS-Windows Only!

Evil Room is a game of horror and escape. But you play as something just as horrid as anything around you. You play as a demented teddy bear, and he wishes to escape his prison so that he may terrorise the world.

Aid him in his escape, and when he has his hour, he will consider sparing you and everyone you cherish.

This was a game I developed in Game Maker 1.x as part of a cross-school project in 2011. Tread with suitable caution. If you wish to play on Linux, it might work in Wine.

Download via HTTP: v1.0 [14/04/2011]. Licence: provisional? to kill? beerware? I didn't know back then.

Thransoft Light Utils. Current version: R2

Light utils is a collection of shell and Python scripts. They were created to solve specific Linux problems for me; they may solve the same problems for you.

Read the plain text release notes to see whether they might.

Licence: Three Clause BSD.

Downloads via HTTP:

R2 [28/08/2019] Release 2 adds copyLogs, locatehere and retart.

R1 [25/04/2019] Release 1 contains only a QOTD server written in Python with some usage notes.

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